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Lecturer at California State University, Fullerton

Beginning Fall 2018:

Graduate Student in Human Development and Family Studies (Quantitative Emphasis)

Pennsylvania State University

My name is Jonathan Park. I obtained my BA in Psychology and my MA in Experimental Psychology with an emphasis in Quantitative Psychology from the California State University at Fullerton (CSUF). In the fall, I will begin doctoral study under Dr. Peter Molenaar and Dr. Sy-Miin Chow in the Human Development and Family Studies program at Penn State with an emphasis in Quantitative Methods.

My research throughout my MA pertained to establishing metric equivalence across longitudinal timeframes using Item Response Theory (IRT) equating paradigms (i.e., the Haebara method), explicitly modeling the effects of negatively worded items in personality assessments (i.e., the NEO-PI-R), and longitudinal modeling of dyadic interactions using data gathered from the Fullerton Longitudinal Study.

In my current research, I study dynamical interactions of dyadic pairs using novel statistical methods (i.e., dynamical correlation). I have also developed an algorithm that constructs optimal scales using an iterative search procedure under the IRT framework. My more recent research is tapping into social data analytics and gathers data from Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit API's to develop models of an individuals 'digital persona' for use in modeling with intensive methodologies.

In my free time, I am an amateur photographer. My primary interest in lanscape photography with a major focus in long-exposure photography. More specifically, I appreciate the artful nature of photography but try to maintain a realistic perspective on most of my photos.

I am a work-aholic. I enjoy coding in my free time and have made data mining algorithms for mining social data off of twitter, instagram, and reddit and compiled the code into R. in addition to an ovulation probability calculator, among others. I host all of my one-off creations on Github!

I have a loving puppy, Sunshine, who turned 1-year old on April 6th of 2017. He is a log bigger than the photo I have posted (see below) and weighs about 3-times as much as he did when it was taken.

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